2017 Tournament - July 6 through 8. Click Here for more info.

Fishing for the Mission Loreto fishing tounament to benefit the local mission.


In 1993 Jim Duggins of Duggins Construction along with a group of businessmen from the Imperial Valley and Mexicali, would get together for a fishing trip to the village of Loreto B.C.S. There were about 20 guys and 10 pangas. Each of them would put in $100 bucks for the jackpot, which was the biggest fish. One year Mike Kelly suggested they donate a portion to the Padre, from the Mission of Loreto. They invited the padre over and instead of donating a portion they ended up giving it all to the Mission. After that year the tournament was for charity, with all proceeds going to the Mission of Loreto. This went on for 8 years.

Then in 2002 they decided to open it up to the public. In 2002 they had 21 boats and 105 participants, it was a huge success, being the first public contest. They also generated $3,400.00 dollars for the Mission that year.

In 2003 there were 34 boats and 164 participants and we were blessed to give the Mission of Loreto $6,300.00 dollars thanks to all of the generous Anglers.

In 2004 we had 49 boats and gave 6,950.00 to the Mission. We also raised 4,878.00 for the orphanage. Jack Snider, Joe DePillo and Mike Morgan motivated the anglers by starting a donation for the orphanage-Internado. Jack walked up to the podium and announces that he was donating 100.00 to start the donation, Mike and Joe chimed in and the next thing you know we had raised 3,878.00 dollars, 1000.00 came from the entry fees. Also special thanks to Lyle Larosh for doing such a great job with the auction.

In the year 2005 we got a very important new sponsor, Berkley, their rep. Bob Hoose was there also. That year we gave $6500 to the Mission, $6800 to Internado (a seasonal home/school for poor children) and Optimist raised $2500 for the Local Schools via auction, thanks to the nice GPS Plotter donated by Lyle Larosh. We raised a total of $15,800. Along with all the other generous companies and individuals who are giving, we have two large sponsorships Berkley and West Marine, this made it our best tournament ever.

As you can see our little contest turned into the number one fishing event in Loreto. It keeps getting bigger and bigger. This event could not have happen without the support of our sponsors. With there help we are able to give out goodie bags to all the teams and the captains. We are also able to have a special raffle for the captains of the village of Loreto. Not to mention, the wonderful raffle during our awards dinner. We award a 1st  place winner in two divisions. Then during the dinner the winners receive prizes, plaques or shirts, which again are donated. NO CASH is awarded as a prize, as it is all donated. With out our sponsors, this tournament would not be a success.

For more information on current year donations, see the Donations link



The only conditions that the participants must comply with are:
To understand this Tournament is being held with the 
good intention to help the local people of the Loreto area.
To be fun loving, gracious, participants with no attitudes.

We will not accept any ugly gringo attitude.